Bit more about the Gozney Dome - way more than a Pizza Oven

Bit more about the Gozney Dome - way more than a Pizza Oven

At first sight the Gozney Dome looks like a Pizza Oven and although it produces really good Pizza's, it is much more versatile than you may think. 

Since we have taken delivery of the Dome, we have identified the following

Some of the features you need to know :-

1, High level of insulation. Both base and walls are highly insulated to retain heat for the duration of your cook.

2, The air ventilation system makes it extremely easy to manage the temperature within the oven. 

3, Dual Fuel. Operates on gas or wood - so really manageable and a choice of flavours.

4, Heat probes - ideal for checking the internal temperature of larger meat joints. Digital display keeps you informed of internal temperature all the way. 

5, Types of cooking you can undertake.

5.1 Well high temperature pizza cooking as you would expect;

5.2 Searing fish, meat or vegetables;

5.3 Roasting fish or meat joints  

5.4 Slow roast and smoke - perfect for Brisket, Pork Collar and Lamb - really tender & flavoursome. 

5.5 Bread - Well did you ever consider cooking bread in your outdoor entertaining space? The cooking environment within the Gozney Dome is perfect for all manner of breads. There is even an optional steam generator to ensure you produce the crustiest of breads

Another item that will prove very popular over time is the Quick-Connect accessory port. This will allow you to cold smoke, something that is steadily making a mark in the market - cheese, salmon, just two items to experiment with. 

We hope this provides a better insight into the cooking possibilities of your Gozney Dome.

Also a quick reminder of our Demo Days (see home page on Website for details), where along with other BBQ's, we fire up the Dome so you can taste the results of your labours. 




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  • Paul Henley