Wood Pellets are available in a range of Brands and Flavours

Traeger wood pellets are mainly a single flavour 

Our premium wood pellets are made from 100% natural, food-grade hardwood. Traeger pure wood pellets grant the perfect burn for optimal wood fired flavor. Made in the USA.

Pecan, Hickory, Apple, Cherry and Mesquite and also the Signature Blend of pellets which a mixture of three flavours. Picking the best flavour for you cook is easy to do with the helpful Pellet guide allowing you to work out what flavour will work best for each cook. The Traeger Pellet Smokers also have the easy empty feature so simple and quick to change pellet flavour.

Green Mountain Grills Wood Pellets Combo of three flavours in each bag. 28lb bags

Texas - Black Oak, American Hickory, and a hint of Texas Mesquite 

Fruitwood -Orchard Cherry, American Beech, and Sweet Pecan

Gold - Red Oak, American Hickory, and Mountain Maple

Apple - Apple Wood, American Hickory, and Red Oak

Green Mountain Grills Brand Pellets are made of 100% kiln-dried sawdust that never touches the floor.

Our pellets are held together by the natural lignins in the wood and are a larger diameter pellet that allows them to last longer than standard size pellets.

Camp Chef Wood Pellets  we currently stock Mesquite and alder wood pellets These are single flavour bags and made from 100%natural products.

We have just started to retail our Smokey Olive Wood Holm Oak Wood Pellets which are going down brilliantly for Pellet Pizza Ovens where the flavour is not required due to the temperature the pizza oven is cooking at. 

BBQ Natural Wood Pellets

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