Ceramic Charcoal Grills or Eggs as many people know them is actually based on one the oldest forms of cooking of charcoal cooking, with their distinctive thick ceramic shell keeping in all the heat and moisture creating succulent, tasty food every-time. There are many different Ceramic grills on the market and we specialise in the German engineered Monolith Ceramic Grills and the American Primo oval ceramic grills. 

Up for the Challenge

You can cook anything you cook in the oven plus more on these bad boys, Pizzas, Searing, Baking, Long and Slow, Smoking, Roast? they do it all. Fancy cupcakes or cookie dough? yes, that's right pudding on the BBQ why not. Love your Veg? Sweet potatoes cooked on here these are amazing so juicy, not to mention a nice Smoked nut roast to really get your taste buds going. 

All year Rounder

Cook all year round these Ceramic BBQs cook brilliantly in the colder weather too so why not give the oven a miss this year and do the whole Christmas Dinner on the Ceramic BBQ Grill. 

Perfect Addition for your Outdoor BBQ Kitchen?

We have seen such a demand for our Ceramic Egg Grills in our Outdoor BBQ Kitchen and if you fancy some inspiration pop along to our store or get in touch. For building the Ceramic BBQs in to an outdoor kitchen you simply select the model which is shown as a standard or Built in purposes.They require ceramic feet to raise from the base of your kitchen but if you are unsure or have questions please contact us. We also have our Outdoor BBQ Kitchen team here to help you with your design requirements. 

We have a large range of Ceramic BBQ Grills including the All American Primo Ceramic BBQs, the German Engineered Monolith Ceramic Grills as well as accessories for all models on display at our West Midlands BBQ Showroom.

Fancy knowing more then why not pop along to one of our monthly BBQ Cooking demos where we the different styles of cooking available with this range of grills plus lots of amazing BBQ food samples which always go down amazingly 

Ceramic BBQ Grills

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