BBQ Guru Dyna Q Controller Kit - Ceramic or Kettle

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BBQ Guru DynaQ BBQ Temperature Controller Kit

From the first and best company to bring you BBQ temperature control, there's a new generation of controls on the market that are now the new standard. Say hello to the brand-new Bluetooth Controlled BBQ Temperature Controller - DynaQ®.


  • Status Light Ring notifies you of pit temperature at a glance
  • Free BBQ Guru app gives you completely hands-free control over your BBQ via a Bluetooth connection
  • Versatile 5-in-1 magnetic mount means you can place the DynaQ on virtually any surface
  • Dishwasher-safe probes means cleanup is a cinch - 1 6ft food probe and pit probe included
  • Oxygen regulation fan ensures the fire is the perfect temperature for cooking juicy, tender BBQ
  • Intelligent Open-Lid Detection protects your pit and food from temperature spikes
  • Proprietary algorithm ensures that the cooking temperature is always perfect for juicy, tender BBQ
  • Compatible with nearly every charcoal or wood-fired grill

Why is controlling your cooker’s temperature important?

 The DynaQ helps solve the two most common problems of cooking outdoors:

  • Regulating your grill’s temperature
  • Accurately monitoring your food’s temperature

We know it's hard trying not to peek, but if you have to open your grill, heat escapes, causing your grill's cooking temperatures to plummet. Meanwhile, the extra blast of air that gets introduced into your grill stokes the fire, usually causing a spike in temperature. The DynaQ comes with optional intelligent open-lid detection technology. When the device senses a sudden drop in temperatures, recovery time is quickly adjusted to get your grill back to your desired cooking temperature in no time without overshooting.

Crucial to DynaQ's accurate temperature tracking and control is its high-precision digital thermometer probes. The control comes with two new and improved, sturdy, dishwasher-safe temperature probes. One probe is attached to your grill grate to precisely measure the interior of the pit. The other probe is inserted into your food, so you can keep an eye on its internal temperature as you cook.

The BBQ Guru app allows you to have total control over your DynaQ right from your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, whether you're running on iOS or Android mobile operating systems.

The BBQ Guru app lets you set target temperatures, view current cook temperatures, change your cook settings, and overall have total control of your BBQ, all from your phone. Use the app to achieve perfect predictability and consistency with your cooks without needing to hover by the cooker.

Whether you're in your backyard playing with the kids, relaxing by the pool, or hanging out with friends and family, a quick check on your phone over Bluetooth ensures your food is on target.

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