Sea Crack Korean Bamboo Salt (Jugyeom) – 85g

Product Description

Jugyeom , also known as bamboo salt, is a form of salt. It is prepared by packing bay salt in a thick bamboo stem, and baking it nine times on high temperature using pine firewood.

jugyeom sea salt is packed into bamboo canisters and sealed with yellow clay. The mixture is baked in an iron oven and roasted in a pine fire.

A bamboo stem is filled with bay salt produced from the west coast, sealed with red clay, and baked in a kiln with pine tree firewood. The baked salt lumps, hardening after baking, is then taken out, crushed, and repacked in the bamboo stem for the next cycle. During baking the salt absorbs the bamboo constituents that bring a distinctive sweetness, which is called Gamrojung flavor. The ninth baking process uses the highest temperature

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