Monolith RED Classic Pro Series 2.0 Kamado Ceramic Grill Stand Alone For Built In Purpose

Product Description

Monolith RED Classic Pro Series 2.0 Kamado Ceramic Grill Stand Alone For Built In Purpose 

    The New Monolith Classic Pro 2.0 Series has taken the Pro series 1 and upgraded it with its new adjusted hinge and innovative Stainless steel and fiberglass gasket sealing system plus much more.

    Guru ready the Monolith Pro 2.0 series ceramic grill has the hand easy access vent at the side for your Guru making life so much easier and cleaner. 

    The Monolith Classic is our most popular model. With a grid diameter of 46cm, our Classic is the perfect choice for your barbecuing, smoking, baking, searing, or roasting needs. Thanks to the new Smart Grid System, it is now possible to grill with ½ grates on 4 levels. At the same time, the use of ½ grease trays and ½ deflector stones allows simultaneous use as a direct and indirect grill.

    The Free Standing Monolith package has everything you need to get going, including a set of ceramic feet for raising the base whilst on its secure base. 

    Our unique system of supplying wood chips, chunks or pellets allows you to insert the smoke chips directly over the hot charcoal – without having to raise the lid! Furthermore, our extensive range of optional accessories including the cast iron grid, pizza stone, plancha, wok and wok stand all add to making the Classic the perfect outdoor kitchen.

    The Monolith Classic is available in black and red, either with the cart and bamboo side tables, or with ceramic feet, perfect for the buggy, teakwood table or for your own designed outdoor kitchen.

    • NEW Adjusted Hinge System
    • NEW Guru Ready access
    • New Re-designed Top Valves
    • NEW Stainless steel and Fiberglass Gasket Sealing System 
    • Pro series Smart grid system 
    • Pro Series Firebox
    • Smoking Chip feeder system 
    • Charcoal Basket with Divider 
    • Grid Lifter
    • Available in black or red 
    • Includes set of feet 
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