Monolith Icon Heat Deflector stone and Lift

Product Description

Monolith Icon/ Junior Heat Deflector Stone and Lift

The half-moon deflector stones coupled with with the charcoal basket, enable you to create different heat zones making it possible to simultaneously grill directly and indirectly.

The set consists of two halfmoon shaped ceramic deflec-tor stones and a stainless steel lift. Sit one deflector stone on the lift and you can cook indirectly on one half and grill directly grilling on the other half.

The deflector stones protect your food from direct heat, allowing large meat cuts to cook to perfection. The new design of the lift for the Monolith Classic enables you to place the 2nd level grid over the deflector stones doubling your grill area. Due to the size of the Monolith Junior/Icon , the deflector stone consists of 1 piece.

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