Napoleon Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes 67301

Product Description
Looking for a better way to grill with charcoal? Napoleon has the answer with sustainable Napoleon Coconut Briquettes Charcoal by McBrickett.
These renewable briquettes burn up to three times longer than traditional charcoal briquettes, meaning you require less replenishing, and lose less heat when grilling.
Sit back and relax as the Coconut Briquettes Charcoal does the work for you. These briquettes provide superb heat transfer and consistent temperature. They are also smoke free, odorless and flameless, you add the flavor to your food through seasoning, marinating, or using your choice of smoking chips, chunks, planks, or pellets.
Cleanup is a breeze with very little ash produced when burning these briquettes. Ideal for every type of charcoal grilling, Coconut Briquettes Charcoal by McBrickett are perfect for a quick char grilled burger, or the long and low smoke, so get some and get grilling.
  • Burns 3X Longer than Other Briskets
  • Consistent Burn and Temperature
  • Smoke Free and Odorless
  • Sustainable Grill Cleaning Option
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