Ozpig Fuel - Wood - Starter Pack

Product Description
Ozpig Fuel - Wood - Starter Pack
Our new UK sourced, sustainably packaged Ozpig Fuel Starter Pack is an ideal and complete way to get started cooking and heating from your Ozpig Series 2 or Big Pig. A bespoke package for Ozpig UK by Dalby Firewood in Yorkshire, with enough fuel for approximately 3-4 burns depending on cooking/heating style, times, and other factors. Kiln dried hardwood splits of the perfect size, 2kg natural charcoal that can be used as a charcoal bed for the Ozpig oven smoker, or used in the charcoal (heat bead) basket, plus a box of natural dried pinewood and twisted wax firelighters.
No kindling is required, simply place 3-4 firelighters with 2-3 splits in a triangular position, light the firelighters and wait for your fire to start. Add more wood splits to your requirements.
Maximum quantity available reached.

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