Primo Oval XL400 Ceramic Grill BBQ Metal Cart Model with HDPE Side Shelves

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Primo Oval XL400 Ceramic Grill BBQ Cart with HDPE Side Shelves 

The All American Primo Oval XL400 Ceramic Grill BBQ With Metal Cart and HDPE SIide Shelves is the perfect BBQ Set up for any home with it's large cooking area allowing you to cook full dinners on the grill at the same time. With a Robust Metal cart features HDPE side shelves with robust Castor wheels to allow for easy movement and handy food preparation space.

The Extra Large Primo has an impressive internal cooking area of 28.5 x 24.5” Which gives this Primo a larger cooking area then the largest round ceramics on the market.

The unique Primo oval design it eliminates heat vortex which you find in the round ceramics due to this oval shape design.

The Primo is the only ceramic which allows you to adjust the height of the heat deflector stones and not the cooking rack height this ensures you can create actual two zone different cooking temperatures within the same grill by just adjusting the stone height allowing you to low slow one side with your heat deflector stone down low on one side and have the heat deflector stone raise on the other to enable roasting temperatures to get the perfect roast side dishes cooking at the same time. 

Being the only Oval Ceramic on the Market and the one of the only Ceramic designed and manufactured in America with the exception of the Kamado Kamado Ceramics this Primo grill brings a whole new dimension to ceramic cooking. 

With its oval shape you can create the perfect two zone cooking temperatures and with a little bit of practice you will be cooking like a pro. 

Pop along to our Primo cooking days or book on to our Primo ceramic cooking clases here in the West Midlands to get hands on experience with these unique American made ceramics grills.

Perfect as a primary grill or to complement your current gas grill, electric grill or smoker.  Grill, bake, roast or smoke any food. Indirect cooking for baking, roasting and smoking requires the Heat Deflector Racks and Plates.

Please note we do not recommend using a weather cover for our Primo ceramics as they are designed and manufactured to be outdoors in America all year round. As we do not have the same temperature fluctuations they are more than capable of withstanding the British weather uncovered. We do sell the Primo covers for this model however putting the cover on too early can actually damage the ceramic and make it sweat. We have been using the Primo grills here in the UK all year round and our expert team is here to help you make the most of these incredible American Ceramic grills. 

This package includes :

  • Primo XL400 Starter Pack - Everything you need to get started
  • Heat Deflector plates, Stainless Steel Heat Deflector Racks and Firebox Divider, Ash tool and grate lifter included
  • New Stainless Steel cooking Grids
  • Primo XL400 Metal Cart with HDPE Side Shelves 
  • FREE Bag of Charcoal worth £39.99

Check out The Primo University on You TUBE for great tips and advice or pop along to one of our amazing Primo BBQ Days where we have the Primos fired up.

The Metal Cart is a robust cart with high quality castors to ensure our grill is stable for years to come. The handy HDPE side shelves provide the perfect BBQ Food preparation area.

Check out The Primo University on You TUBE for great tips and advise or pop along to one of our amazing Primo BBQ Days where we have the Primos fired up.

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