Product Description

The ProQ Ranger is the baby of the ProQ BBQ Smokers and the ideal choice if you’re a beginner.

Our Ranger is the perfect BBQ for the patio cook and is sure to inspire! Completely portable and perfect for camping adventures.

The Ranger is our only smoker to feature a wok shaped water pan with a removable handle, perfect for live-fire stir frying.

  • Highly versatile BBQ Smoker that is sure to get you confidently grilling, roasting and creating great tasting smoked barbecue food great all year round
  • In-built lid thermometer and multiple vents allowing you to control your temperature with ease
  • Perfect size for singles, couples, small families, and great for camping and caravanning
  • Large range of accessories available to make your smoker even more versatile
  • Thick, robust, porcelain-coated enamel walls for great insulation and durability in all weathers
  • Easy to clean and rust resistant stainless steel grills. The compact Ranger is extremely durable.


  • TEMPERATURE GAUGE -The analogue temperature gauge gives you a good idea of the internal temperature of the smoker, it is fully adjustable for ease of calibration.
  • LID -Keeps the heat in for smoking and roasting, comes with a sturdy handle.
  • GRILLS -Stainless steel for all-purpose grilling, roasting and smoking. Rust and stain resistant.
  • STACKERS -All porcelain coated for weather resistance and fitted with brackets for both the waterpan and the grills. Each stacker has an access door for viewing your food and for wood chips and water top-ups.
  • PROBE EYELETS- These silicone eyelets allow you to use remote probe thermometers with ease, for checking the internal temperature of food.
  • WATERPAN- For roasting and smoking using indirect heat, the waterpan stabilises the smoker temperature making it perfect for low’n slow authentic BBQ cooking. It can also be used as a wok/paella pan.
  • LATCHES- These allow all sections to clip together for stability and transport.
  • COOL-TOUCH HANDLES -Folding side handles allow you to move the entire unit with ease as well as store it easily.
  • CHARCOAL BASKET - FLIP‘N GRATE COMPATIBLE - The charcoal basket provides excellent ventilation by keeping the ideal space between the sides of the unit and the lit embers & coals.
  • VENTS- There are four vents in total - one in the lid and three in the base, allowing you to protect the fire in windy conditions and control the temperature more accurately - all with cool-touch tabs.
  • BASE- Sturdy tripod design that sits close to the ground with three separate vents for accurate temperature control.
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