The Smokey Carter Al Pastor BBQ Rub Shaker 90g

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The Smokey Carter Al Pastor BBQ Rub Shaker 90g

Mexican inspired shawarma seasoning, ideal for tacos, kebabs and spit grilled meats.

As with all our rubs and sauces they have been heavily influenced from our travels around the world. Mexico plays a heavy part in a number of our BBQ rubs such as our Mexican Jalapeno and Lime Rub and Smokey Chipotle BBQ Rub.

Al Pastor is one we just can’t ignore and is one of the most popular taco fillings in Mexico and a street food staple. Originally brought to Mexico by the Lebanese, this shawarma style pork is cooked on a vertical spit with pineapple capping off the meat. The juices from the pineapple drip down the meat as it cooks and the enzymes help tenderise the meat as it cooks . Our rub has been developed using some of the more traditional spices such as cumin, ancho chilli, guajillo chilli, Mexican oregano, achiote (from the annatto seed) and coriander. We have also used vinegar powder to help recreate the enzymes from the pineapple. As the meat cooks on the spit, it develops an amazing orange-red colour which is from this unique spice blend and the achiote. Once grilled on the spit the meat is then carved into a soft corn tortilla and served with fresh coriander, pineapple, onion and then topped with your choice of traditional salsa and sauces. We love salsa verde, queso fresco, hot sauce, fresh coriander and a squeeze of lime.

As with all our seasonings, they’re very versatile! You don’t have to cook using a rotisserie. Our seasoning works just as well sprinkled over a bashed out chicken breast and pan fried in a little oil. You can also dust it over steak, chicken kebabs or use as a seasoning for roast chicken.

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Ingredients: Salt, cumin, coriander, onion, sugar, annatto,garlic, ancho chilli, guajillo chilli, vinegar powder (spirit vinegar, potato maltodextrin), Mexican oregano, pepper, citric acid, spices.

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