Napoleon TravelQ 285 Series Cast Iron Reversible Griddle

Product Description

The Napoleon TravelQ™ Portable Gas Grill is a wildly versatile grilling machine with this griddle you take your cooking options to the next level as this covers one side of your Pro285 allowing you to still cook as normal on the other side.

Specially designed to fit the unique shape of our TravelQ™, this Cast Iron Griddle seasons up just like the cooking grids and your favorite frying pan. Imagine being the star of the tailgate party, or going camping and only needing one cooking machine for all your eating needs.

The TravelQ™ is there for you, and with the Cast Iron Griddle, you can do even more. Grill up some burgers while you caramelize some onions for on top, serve up the perfect breakfast, and even serve up hot sandwiches “Panini" style. This handy Cast Iron Griddle has a convenient carry and storage handle, and convenient little holes to allow grease to drain away from your food for the crispiest bacon, and most succulent sausages. Get the ReveRSIBle Cast Iron Griddle to take your already amazing TravelQ™ to the next level.


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