Creating the perfect BBQ Food is made so simple with the amazing ranges of BBQ Rubs and Sauces available on the UK Market. We stock a wide range of BBQ Rubs and Sauces in store with our famous BBQ Rub Wall. 

Current Brands we retail

LumberJaxe BBQ Rubs - Birmingham Base local company with outstanding flavour rubs. The Reggae roots is definitely a top seller with is amazing capture of Jerk Flavourings. The Lumberjaxe Team can be found at most of our Live cooking demo and so if you fancy giving them a try pop on down to our next live demo. 

Rusty BBQ Company BBQ Rubs, 

A great selection of Top flavoured BBQ Rubs, The Cherry Cola is a most have for Pork ribs with its over sweet flavour and bright pink finish, Sweet Soul and Cori Powder are top sellers and great way to pack a punch with flavour. We also stock the Rusty BBQ Sauces including the BBQ and White Alabama sauces.

Angus and Oink 

We have been retailing the Angus and Oink collections for many years now and they are still a favorite with our go to Tandoori Gold Chicken kebab dishes or the Shawarma Lebanese Kebabs. The range for Angus and Oink is growing and we will continue to stock these ranges all year round. 

Peak Blends BBQ Rubs

The Peak Blends is a stunning range of BBQ Rubs packed with flavour. Our favorites are the Katsu Curry and the Tomahawk rubs in our essentials. Available to view online or instore and feature at our Live BBQ Demos.

Sea Crack. 

A new vibrant take on salt with fantastic combinations - the onion salt is amazing and the Lemon Salt are just two of our favorites. 

Tubby Toms

Our Tubby Toms BBQ rubs and sauces are a must, Full of unique flavour combinations to create the perfect finish to your grill. The Smokey BBQ Rub smells and tastes like frazzle crisps and the Death wings with the Reaper Chilli has made grown men cry in the shop whilst they sample the different flavours available. 

Traeger BBQ Rubs and Sauces

Love Sweet sauces - then the Traeger Sweet lips is the perfect bbq sauce for you with its thick glaze finish and amazing sweet after taste. The Sweet Heat is ideal for those looking for a slight kick with the sweetness of the Sugar Lips. The Traeger QUe Rubs and Sauces are always a favorite with our customers at the live demos with our Traeger Apricot sauce and Pulled Pork being the dish everyone goes to. 

If you need any help or advise or just not sure what rubs and sauces would suit you best then get in touch with our support team as we have tried and tested every rub and sauce we retail. We are always looking for Independent rubs and Sauce companies to work with and so our Rub wall will keep on expanding.

BBQ Rubs and Sauces

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