Our ranges of Smokey Olive wood include Wood Chunks , Chips and Dust to cater for all aspects of Both hot and cold food smoking

Smokey Olive Wood is sold throughout Europe

During a stay in Andalusia, we were introduced to the delicious taste of meat, fish and vegetables, prepared on an olive wood grill. It was a wonderful experience to see the beach restaurants preparing their BBQ in the late morning, lighting the fire with dried citrus fruits, and feel the intense scent of olive wood and fresh citrus wafting along the beach.

Back home, we absolutely wanted to get our hands on some olive wood to relive the good times. Alas, we found, it was rather hard to come by. Except in Spain of course! So we brought our olive wood directly from Spain, and decided to share this wonderful, sweet, aromatic taste with other BBQ lovers.

We discovered even more BBQ gems in Spain: orangewood, traditional in Valencia for preparing paella; evergreen oak, a fine and very appreciated grill wood with a slight nutty flavor; almond wood, quebracho, …  We provide our BBQ woods in different grain sizes for all uses, from cold smoking to open grill fire.

Smokey Olive Wood Chunks, Chips and Dust

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