We have a great selection of BBQ Fuels and natural lighters to get your BBQ going and stay going. 
What type of fuel depends on your grill, 

Lumpwood charcoal comes in many different forms with our restuarnt quality lumpwood bags of charcoal available in smaller 5kg lumpwood bags, 12kg lumpwood bags and 20kg lumpwood bags. We have used our charcoal in a range of different Charcoal bbqs and so if you need some help please get in touch. Kamado ceramic BBQs need a good quality Lumpwood charcoal which offers a nice clean burn which is long and slow burn providing the ideal bbq fuel for Long and slow cooks. 

Charcoal briquettes are a great man made fuel as each piece is identical in shape giving you a very controlled burn especially for the snake Briquette  charcoal method for Kettle BBQs and Smokers. 
BBQ Briquettes are available in different sized bags as well and are the go to fuel for Metal BBQ Kettle users and the Bullet or Proq smokers as these are made from metal it will disperse the heat a lot quicker than in a kamado BBQ and so the briquettes you light one and then stack them giving you constant easy to manage heat. 

Smoking Wood Chunks and Chips

Wood is a great way to bring the smoke flavour yo your bbq cook, with smoking woods it is only certain trees used. Fruit woods such as cherry,plum,apple these are a fast burn as it’s a soft wood however if you soak you wood chunks before placing in a water bowl inside you bbq you will create a great flavour as the water steams around your delicious food. Hard woods burn slower then fruit woods inside your bbq and so can be placed on the cooking grated next to your food or you can put alongside your lumpwood fuel. 

Smoking wood chips depending on your cook can be soaked normally for around 1-2 hours before use and then sprinkle direct on your coals or in a smoking tube or in a water bowl. Each method provides a great flavour and great addition to your natural fuel.

Lava Rocks

Lava rocks are used in grills or Firepits as they are great at retaining the heat providing a great long standing heat element to your cook. Lava rocks are great way to enjoy your Firepits in safely and our bags can be used for Gas Firepit replacement rocks as well.

Smoking wood pellets

There are more and more BBQs which use Smoking wood pellets as their main fuel. These wood pellet smokers create restaurant quality smoked food with very little effort. The Most popular wood pellets we sell out the Traeger natural wood pellets which are available in single species for different cooks plus mixed limited edition flavours - Traeger Meat Church, Traeger Gourmet and Traeger Turkey blend. The Green Mountain Grills range of Natural wood pellets are a mix of three types of wood. GMG Apple Pellets, GMG Texas , GMG Fruitwood and GMG Gold blend. Each one unique and as all contain oak the GMG blends do burn longer as the oak is Hard wood. 


BBQ Fuel and Natural Lighters

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