BBQ best sellers 2022

BBQ best sellers 2022

Every year the range of BBQ grills and accessories evolve. 

It is now Autumn and we thought it a good idea to advise you of the trends we have identified in 2022

1, The exceptional growth in sale  of Gozney pizza ovens

The Gozney Roccbox table top pizza oven has been a brilliant product. We have sold numerous units to existing customers who want to add a pizza oven to sit on the worktop of their Outdoor Kitchens

The Gozney Dome is much more than just a Pizza Oven -  Both Wood or Gas powered, so you can add smoke flavour or cook as a conventional oven; Bake your own bread; Cook a wood smoked beef joint; Bake a cake. No wonder these have been good sellers

2, The increase sales of Outdoor Kitchens, where customers are redesigning their whole outdoor entertainment areas. 

Outdoor Kitchens can be linear or corner shape to suit your outdoor space. They can incorporate outdoor fridges for general entertaining. They can incorporate a gas grill with a ceramic oven or tabletop pellet grill - All sizes, full range of components.

3, Sustained growth of Wood Pellet Grills

These were introduced into the UK a few years ago and have made very good sustained growth over that period. 

The basis of the Traeger Wood Pellet grill is, as the name suggests, uses wood pellets as fuel. There are a wide range of wood species, each with their own distinct flavour. 

Cook at low temperatures and you get a smokier flavour than cooking at hotter temperatures. 

Whatever temperature you want to cook at, just set it into the control panel and the Traeger Grill will maintain that temperature - even if you are cooking at just 100 degC for 8-12 hours - try that on your gas or ceramic grill ! 

The choice of product goes from the portable / tabletop Ranger to the Timberline 1300 standalone grill. 

Heat probe is available for all products. Some products even have WiFi control from your mobile phone. 

4, Rubs & Sauces. It may be because of the instore range we held, tied to the popularity of our BBQ Demo days - but rubs & sauces have certainly experienced a massive hike in popularity in 2022

Trust these little snippets of information are useful when planning your BBQ events
















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  • Paul Henley