Traeger Ranger Pellet Grill - Smoked Whole Salmon with Roasted Garlic over Apple Pellets

Traeger Ranger Pellet Grill - Smoked Whole Salmon with Roasted Garlic over Apple Pellets

One of the first dishes we prepared on our Traeger Ranger, was Salmon. 

We purchased a whole Salmon from the fresh fish counter at our local Morrison's. Had it filleted, so no head, no tail no bones, but skin on.

We went onto the Trager App to see what recipes we could find - found 52 recipes, but in the end we decided that for an initial cook on the pellet grill we would use a recipe we had used previously on a charcoal BBQ - that way we could tell the difference from Charcoal to wood pellet. 

Having used Apple wood chunks to provide some smoke on the charcoal grill, we used Traeger Apple wood pellets. 

Set the Ranger to 175deg C and after the 12 minute warm up, we placed the Salmon, which had been prepared on a foil tray, onto the grill - wrapped the foil up the sides of the fish, but did not seal, as we wanted some degree of smoke flavour.  

Left the Salmon for 20 mins and poured some white wine over the fish. 

Left another 15 mins it was ready. The skin was crispy, with a slight smoky aroma.

Inside, the Salmon rested for a few minutes, but then we could wait no longer, so we tucked in. It was beautiful. Tender, cooked through perfectly & no burning of the skin.

Compared to the charcoal version - easier to cook, less smokiness, succulent & moist. It was lovely, and overall a distinct and pleasant variation to charcoal. Next time we will probably try a fillet of Cod, and compare that to the charcoal version. 

There are many lovely recipes on the Traeger App, but in this instance we tried a familiar recipe as follows :-

Placed the first Salmon fillet on a buttered foil tray. To the Salmon we added a few capers, a handful of Coriander leaves, bit of roughly chopped Parsley and a drizzle of sauce made from Olive Oil, one grated clove of Garlic & a small amount of grated Ginger, pinch of salt & white pepper. Placed the second fillet on top, skin up & tied with cooking twine. Pulled the foil up the side of the fish, but left the top open. Already stated the temperature & cooking time.

RB - keen to try BBQ'er











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  • Paul Henley