Father's Day Gift Idea - BBQ Cold Smoking Starter Set

Father's Day Gift Idea - BBQ Cold Smoking Starter Set

Father's Day can be a problem - what present can you give that will spark his imagination and extend the use of your BBQ ? 

Well you could give the ProQ Cold Smoking set - No need to buy an expensive specialist smoker, this set can be used with any BBQ that has a lid. 

Cold smoking opens up a whole new area of outdoor flavours and textures. 

The easiest thing to try is Cheese. Just take small cubes of simple Cheddar cheese and place it in the BBQ. Place the wood flavoured dust of your choice in the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator and add a tea light - place this in the BBQ & light the tea light. This produces sufficient heat to gently burn the dust and form smoke.


After 30 mins try the Cheese - it will have taken on the smoke flavour. Try different wood dust flavours. 

Try smoking different foods - fish, bacon ham or tofu. 

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  • Paul Henley