Outdoor kitchens - the option available

Outdoor kitchens - the option available

The range of product for this sector of the BBQ market seems to grow year on year. 

What is an outdoor kitchen - as opposed to just a large BBQ. 

Large outdoor BBQ's, like this Napoleon BBQ can have large charcoal or gas grill head, with side burner and range of base cupboards - all inline. 

Outdoor kitchens can also incorporate large BBQ grills & side burners. But they usually incorporate an external fridge, can include a Ceramic grill and / or Wood Pellet grill along with a pizza oven or plancha. 

Example of inline Outdoor Kitchen with grill, side burner, fridge and doors / drawers - Bull 

Example of ceramic grill - Primo 

Example of Wood Pellet Grill - Traeger Ranger. Stands atop the base unit.


 Example of pizza oven - Gozney Dome


In pre-formed layouts, Outdoor kitchens can be either inline, or corner units.  

Alternatively, you can have a modular Outdoor kitchen, where you purchase individual base units to suit the configuration you are after. This being an example of a Napoleon setup




Finally you can have a bespoke base formed to fit your specific garden space and incorporate all the appliances you require and door / drawer units to suit.


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  • Paul Henley