The Traeger Pro 575 Smoker in our Birmingham Showroom

The Traeger Pro 575 Smoker in our Birmingham Showroom

The Traeger Pro 575 is one of our best selling wood pellet BBQ's in our Birmingham Showroom, so we thought it best to summarise it's performance. 

First it is best to describe the significant difference to more traditional gas & charcoal BBQ's. 

To start with you simply select the temperature you wish the grill to run at. The fuel is wood pellets that are placed in an integral hopper & fed into the fire chamber at a suitable rate to maintain the cooking temperature you have selected. Press the ignite button & within around 12 minutes the grill will be up to cooking temperature. 

There are numerous different species of wood that are formed into the cooking pellets - just select the flavour that suits the food you are cooking. As an example Apple is good for Fish / Chicken, whereas Hickory may be more suitable for beef - it's all about personal taste, so you need to try a few different wood pellets to suit your cooking requirements. 

Wood pallets are available in 20kg bags and cost between £18-£20 per bag.

Remember although the wood pellets do generate smoke to flavour your food, the higher the cooking temperature, the less smoke flavour is generated - which for some food is very good. It also means you can cook 'low & slow' & achieve a full smoke flavour & achieve stunningly tender meat, with cuts such as Brisket or Pork Collar. 

The Traeger Pro 575 incorporates WiFire - this enables you to check the cooking temperature & internal temperature of your meat via an App on your Smartphone - So now there is no need to keep checking & adjusting the air vents on your Ceramic Grill, no need to keep changing the gas knob on your gas BBQ - just join in the party, knowing the cooking temperature will remain as set & the inner temperature of the meat can be checked on your App, which takes the info from the meat probe.  





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  • Paul Henley