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The New Monolith Pro 2.0 Series has taken the Pro series 1 and upgraded it with its new adjusted hinge and innovative Stainless steel and fiberglass gasket sealing system plus much more.

The Monolith Junior PRO-Series 2.0 – Black with Cart may be the smallest member of the Monolith's range, after the portable ICON, with a cooking surface diameter of 33cm.

This already excellent feature set has now been further enhanced by the addition of Monolith's PRO-Series 2.0 features such as a brand new lid hinge system, Stainless steel and Fibreglass Gasket Sealing System, Guru ready compatibility plus a re-designed cast iron Top Valve all carefully designed to enhance performance plus make a Monolith Classic PRO-Series 2.0 even easier to use and live with.

The redesigned and updated hinge system provides effortless opening plus more functionality with the Junior PRO-Series 2.0 now featuring the Monolith ICON's hinge so a Monolith Fire Plate can now be used on the Junior. The brand new hinge system is now combined with an innovative stainless steel and fibre glass sealing gasket to give longevity as well as being virtually maintenance free. A new built-in BBQ Guru adapter means a blower can easily be mounted for both simplicity and cleanliness with the redesigned cast iron top valve blending both a sleeker, more contemporary look with increased functionality with the slide system offering more stability while more efficiently guiding smoke directly upwards and out of the Monolith.

A Monolith Junior Pro-Series 2 is constructed from extremely efficient heat-resistant ceramics which are combined with high grade stainless steel with the high insulative capacities of the heavy ceramic and the clever regulation of the air flow meaning that the temperature can be controlled more successfully than in any other type of charcoal barbecue plus the charcoal consumption is approximately 25 - 50% lower than with a more typical charcoal grill making a Monolith Junior Pro-Series 2 easy to use with great results every time.

Cooking temperatures can be achieved rapidly due to a chimney effect meaning cooking within 15 minutes of lighting is real option using much less fuel during preheating with the ceramic keeping most of the heat in so external temperatures are much lower. The heat retention capabilities of the ceramic are such that a Monolith Junior is fantastic to use in winter being perfect for creating hearty winter stews and slow braised dishes.

Monolith Juniors feature a unique smoke wood pellet feeder system consisting of a smoke chip feeder with a hinged plug to give access to the firebox and a feed chute so wood pellets can be put in to the fire with no need to remove the lid. Just open the access hatch, insert the feed chute and push the wood pellets into the fire.


  • NEW Adjusted Hinge System
  • NEW Guru Ready access
  • New Re-designed Top Valves
  • NEW Stainless steel and Fiberglass Gasket Sealing System 


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