First time with the EMBA Cast Iron Skillet - Tandoori Chicken my way

First time with the EMBA Cast Iron Skillet - Tandoori Chicken my way


So a couple of days ago I received the 10" EMBA Cast Iron Skillet from BBQStoreUK. So when you get a new toy and you have to use it. 

I decided to try Chicken with a Tandoori sauce. 

Cast Iron grill - perfect to use on my old Cadac BraaiMaxx - as you can see, the wok support is perfect for the 10" EMBA Skillet.

First I heated some fennel, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, coriander & bok choy in a chilli flavoured olive oil. just a few minutes and still crisp. 

Followed this by cooking the chicken & mushrooms in a tandoori sauce my wife had in the freezer & added 2 tbls of  A&O Tandoori Tikka Gold dried herbs. Added 100mm (Approx) of chicken stock & stirred well.

Served in bowls with homemade coleslaw, a spinkling of chopped nuts & a little bit of coriander sauce I had made previously. It was delicious. 

The EMBA Skillet was easily cleaned - and I did remember to add a thin layer of vegetable oil to the surface of the skillet to avoid any rusting. 

This weekend we are having a BBQ for a few friends. This time, when the chicken is cooked through, I will add the Bok Choy etc to the Skillet and place on the table so everyone can help themselves - this is where the heat retention of the Cast Iron Skillet will come in really useful. 




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  • Paul Henley