Outdoor Kitchens - choosing your components

Outdoor Kitchens - choosing your components

Outdoor Kitchens are becoming increasing popular, as we are all spending more time socialising in our gardens. 

We have noticed a marked increase in the number of customers planning their own layouts.

There are a number of standard Outdoor Kitchens, which include base units, BBQ & various other components. 

But today we want to highlight the components you can incorporate into your bespoke Outdoor Kitchen layout. 

Whilst the BBQ Grill options can be finished in black powder coated steel, the majority of cupboard doors, drawers and side burners are stainless steel - so for a balanced finish, lets look at just the stainless steel products.

First thing to remember is that stainless steel comes in various grades, with 304 grade being less likely to show surface rusting. Bull Grills, Napoleon & Whistler  Burford all use 304 grade, so they are good brands to start with. 


Chances are you will be looking for some kind of cupboard door front. These are available in either single or double door options - these usually allow you to store tools, wood pellets etc in the void under the Outdoor Kitchen base. 

You can select to have combination door front and drawer units. 

Bull have a vented Stainless Steel door front to allow the gas bottle to be stored in the void under the Outdoor kitchen. 

Whistler Grills have a waste bin cupboard that has slider rails for easy access to the waste bins. 

Bull have a warming drawer that fits onto the face of the Outdoor Kitchen base - This is electrically operated and can be set at various temperatures. This is ideal for resting cooked food prior to serving. 

Two other options - 

Really popular - Outdoor fridge that slots under your worktops Bull have a single door option, Beefeater a double door option.

There are very few Outdoor Sinks by the main BBQ suppliers however Bull have these available with Hot and Cold taps ready for plumbing straight in to your drop in hole in the work top. Available in three sizes - Small, Medium and Large.  

A few links to useful products are included above, but a link to all Outdoor Kitchen components is provided here. 

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  • Paul Henley