Emba Cast Iron skillet from the West Midlands

Emba Cast Iron skillet from the West Midlands

A few weeks ago we purchased the Emba Cast Iron Skillet from BBQStoreUK

Since then we have used it numerous times and it has remained in perfect condition. Previous cast iron products just developed a layer of surface rust whilst on the draining board waiting to be dried

- but not the Emberware.  This has remained rust free. 

It is always washed in the sin with hot soapy water, dried & then a little bit of olive oil rubbed ober the surface with kitchen roll. We then put it back in the cardboard box it arrived in and is placed outdoors in the BBQ area. 

The latest dish cooked on the Emba was Mexican chicken with rice. The deep sided pan being perfect for this dish. 

Mexican Chicken is very simple to cook. 

Just drizzle some olive oil in the skillet, add diced onions & peppers and cook slowly until the onions become translucent. Tip these onto a plate & place the chicken breast chunks in the skillet. There will be sufficient residual oil to start & colour the chicken. Now add the Angus & Oink Mexican seasoning & 3 crushed garlic cloves & stir round the pan. No need to cook the chicken right through, as we then add the rice, some chopped coriander and 750ml of water. 

Place a lid over the pan and let it all simmer for 15 minutes. 

That is it, lovely flavoursome chicken with a bit of a kick 








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  • Paul Henley