Traeger Ranger - Tandoori Chicken skewers

Traeger Ranger - Tandoori Chicken skewers

The Traeger Ranger allows easy cooking of everything from a prawn to a turkey crown.

Well we tried something on the small side - Tandoori Chicken skewers. 

We set the Traeger Ranger to a gentle 130 egC & filled up with Traeger Pecan wood pellets. 

The chicken have been left to marinate for 24 hours in yogurt & Lumberjaxe Tandoori Masala dry rub.

The skewers were loaded with the prepared chicken, red pepper, red onion & courgette. For good measure we then added a light sprinkling of Angus & Oink Tandoori Tikka rub over the surface of the skewers

Well they were delicious - very simple and easy to cook 



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  • Paul Henley