Pancake night - a celebration of something so simple

Pancake night - a celebration of something so simple

We love Pancake Night as it allows a wide range of savoury and sweet fillings to be enjoyed in a simple pancake wrap. 

We started by making the pancake mix, with flour, eggs a pinch of salt and a little bit of water and milk. Whisk until a smooth paste, then add extra milk until you have a a free flowing mixture - too stiff and you cannot get get thin pancakes. 

Very easy to make the pancakes. melt a small amount of butter onto the plancha, then pour on a small amount of the batter mix. We have a T shaped rake for spreading out the batter & achieving a lovely thin pancake / crepe.  

First dish was prawns with cucumber, rocket & Mary Rose sauce - lovely in the warm pancake wrap. 

Followed this with sweet options. Orange segments with Grand Marnier and caramelised toffee (like bonfire toffee, so had to snap into small pieces), cooked on the plancha. To this we added fresh cream & then rolled into a wrap. These were delicious and warming. 

Further filling options followed. Strawberry & cream; Orange juice and sprinkling of sugar. 

To keep the pancakes warm we keep place a strip of aluminium foil on the colder side of the plancha and keep adding the pancakes as they are cooked. This keeps all the pancakes warm & really for their fillings.

For all my hard work - I ended up with the last tatty looking pancake - but it tasted lovely.




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  • Paul Henley