Pork Collar cooked on Traeger Ranger

Pork Collar cooked on Traeger Ranger

Well this was a first for us - cooking a Pork Collar joint. We purchased the joint from the Butchery Dept at our local Morrison's supermarket - first time we had seen the Pork Collar. 

Seemed a really reasonable price, considering it had a bone. So we thought we would give it a go on our Traeger Ranger. 

Fillet the hopper with Traeger Hickory wood pellets - bit stronger flavour than the Apple Wood we had used previously. 

We set the temperature to 220 degC and rubbed in some of the delicious angus & Oink Porky White BBQ rub together with a little Mediterranean Salt & Black Pepper, then placed the joint in the Ranger for 30-40mins. 

After initial cook, we dropped the cooking temperature down to 130 degC and inserted the temperature probe. 

Left it for a a further 3 hours & then rested for another 30 mins back in the kitchen. 

It was tender & succulent, with a slight smokey flavour. The rub was perfect for this cut of meat - which we have to say had little fat compared to many pork joints. Actually more meat than we thought, considering the bone. Had the rest of the meat the following day in a stir fry.

Unfortunately our freezer is pretty full at present, otherwise we would have been right back to purchase a couple more Pork Collar joints. 


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  • Paul Henley