Thor Hammer on Traeger Ranger

Thor Hammer on Traeger Ranger

Well the other day, we received a boxed delivery. It was a 'Thor Hammer', or beef shin. Purchased from Tom Hixson who are based at Smithfield Market. 

It arrived at the allotted time in sealed box with ice cubes - so as fresh as it was packed in the morning. 

We were going to cook the beast on the Traeger Ranger. I think the Traeger takes all the risk out of the cooking when first cooking such a fine piece of meat at low temperature for, in this case over 9 hours. 

But first we had to prepare the meat for cooking. Essentially you have to remove the outer fat layer to expose the touch 'silverskin layer - this needs to be removed, as it would be inedible.

The silverskin really keeps all the separate muscles in place - so after removal, we used string to keep all the meat together. 

Then it was just a case of selecting the rub we wanted to apply. We used  Angus & Oink General, with a little bit of Lumberjaxe Brazilian Tempero, a rub we use quite a bit on a range of meats. 

When all prepared, we placed the Thor Hammer in an aluminium foil tray with a few shallots placed under it to stop any initial burning. 

Also notice we placed the tray on the open grill with cast plate under that. We find this also helps avoid burning to the underside of the meat by avoiding direct contact with the cast plate. 

We used Traeger Pecan wood pellets. 

We commenced the cook with 3 hours hours at 125 deg c. Then added a bit of red wine to the tray and sealed with foil. At this point we reduced the temperature to to 105deg c & added the heat probe. 

After a further 6 hours, with regular basting, this was the result -

Well you have t taste it before taking indoors, hence the missing slice. It was delicious. You can also see the depth of smoking achieved with such slow cooking. 






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  • Paul Henley