OzPig What a lovely grill & smoker wood burner range from Australia

OzPig  What a lovely grill & smoker wood burner range from Australia

Well sometimes the smaller BBQ's miss out because they have few features to promote. But not the OzPig range

There are just 3 units in the OzPig range :-

1, OzPig 

First to the market, offering wood fired cooking in a compact unit, perfect for camping, where wood burning BBQ's are often required to be raised off the ground. The OzPig has a number of accessories to increase it's use, from solid grill plate, open grill, side warming plates - perfect for steak, eggs, kebab's, prawns or even grilled Hallumi.  It even has it's own chimney to take smoke away from your seating area. Best of all, after the cooking, just place a coffee pot on the stove, open up the grill front & sit back & enjoy the Spring evening with the radiated heat from the wood burning stove.

Ozpig wood burner


2, BigPig

A bigger version of OzPig with optional rotissierie and dual heating zones. 

It also has an optional charcoal plate to increase your cooking / flavour options. 

Ozpig double grill 

3, Vertical Oven smoker

This is a cylindrical vertical dual fuel cooker / smoker that fits on top of your Ozpig. Inside you have 4 racks cooking racks that can be placed at different levels to accommodate a variety of food. You also get a water bath to ensure your food remains moist during the cooking process. 

You can grill a Chicken on a beer can base, cook pizza when cooking at high temperatures, or slow roast a joint with just a hind of smokey flavour.

Ozpig smoker

You can even cold smoke by using your Ozpig Vertical Smoker in conjunction with a ProQ cold smoker kit






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  • Paul Henley